Publications in Scientific Journals:

B. Heinzl, W. Kastner:
"Platform-independent Modeling for Simulation-based Energy Optimization in Industrial Production";
International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology, 20 (2019), 6; 10.1 - 10.10.

English abstract:
Dynamic simulation models can help to assess and evaluate different planning scenarios in complex industrial production facilities in order to optimize energy efficiency. However, different planning strategies impose different requirements on these simulation models regarding their runtime efficiency and accuracy, thereby raising the need to combine different levels of modeling detail and consider multiple modeling paradigms (hybrid, discrete-event, etc.). In an effort to support such multi-paradigm modeling in practical applications, we present an approach for higher-level component-based specification of industrial simulation models. This domain-specific model abstraction is independent of any concrete modeling paradigm and allows to specify application models in a platform-independent manner by separating the model specification from the concrete implementation. We employ a model-driven engineering methodology by providing metamodels and model transformations that automatically generate different implementations from a unified abstract model specification. The approach is demonstrated on a real-world application example of an industrial bakery.

model-driven development, metamodel, multi-stage optimization, hybrid simulation, DEVS, SimEvents, Cube

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