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M. Tung, E. Weinmüller:
"Acoustic Metamaterial Models on the (2+1)D Schwarzschild Plane";
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 346 (2019), 162 - 170.

English abstract:
Recent developments in acoustic metamaterial engineering have led to the designand fabrication of devices with formidable properties, such as acoustic cloaking,superlenses and ultra-sound waves. Artificial materials of this type are generallyabsent in natural environments. In this work, we focus on feasible implementa-tions of acoustic black holes on the 2D plane, that is, within (2+1)D spacetime.For an accurate description of planar black holes in transformation acoustics, weexamine Schwarzschild-type models. After proposing an appropriate form for theLorentzian metric of the underlying spacetime, we explore the geometric contentand physical consequences of such models, which will turn out to have de Sit-ter and anti-de Sitter spacetime structure. For this purpose, we derive a generalexpression for its acoustic wave propagation. Next, a numerical simulation is car-ried out for prototype waves which probe these spacetime geometries. Finally, wediscuss how to fine-tune the corresponding acoustic parameters for an implemen-tation in the laboratory environment

Acoustic analogue model of gravity, Acoustic black holes, Differential geometry,Variational principles of physics, Manifolds, Spacetime models

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