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K. Trogal:
"Domestics Against Domestication";
Vortrag: Domestics Against Domestication. A study day to rethink practices and politics of the domestic., University of Roehampton, United Kingdom (eingeladen); 30.05.2019.

Kurzfassung englisch:
If technological domestication has functioned as a key framework to understand how industrial modernity has shaped home life, it is high time to question again the demarcations of what this entails today, both in terms of the gendered, class and racial division of domestic labor and in terms of repurposing the technological means of social reproduction.
The invited speakers will share short contributions exploring this line of thinking in relation to their own research. These interventions would be followed by more informal conversations. This gathering is conceived as the first of a series of conversations, hopefully operating as the base for further collaborative research, including speakers and participants alike.

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