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N. Cribiori, D. Junghans:
"No classical (anti-)de Sitter solutions with O8-planes";
Physics Letters B, B793 (2019) 54-58 (2019).

English abstract:
It was recently proposed that type IIA string theory may allow classical de Sitter solutions with O8-planes as the only localized sources. We show that such solutions are incompatible with the integrated supergravity equations of motion, analogously to the no-go theorem due to Maldacena and Nuñez. We also discuss in detail divergences and discontinuities at the O8-plane positions and argue that they do not invalidate such an argument. We furthermore show that a recently proposed class of non-supersymmetric AdS solutions with O8-planes is in contrast with our results as well.

field equations: supergravity | de Sitter | anti-de Sitter | orientifold

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