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A. van Roekeghem, B. Vermeersch, J. Carrete, N. Mingo:
"Thermal Resistance of GaN/AlN Graded Interfaces";
Physical Review Applied, 11 (2019), 034036.

English abstract:
Compositionally graded interfaces in power electronic devices eliminate dislocations but they can also
decrease thermal conduction, leading to overheating. We quantify the thermal resistances of GaN/AlN
graded interfaces of varying thickness using ab initio Greenīs functions and compare them with the abrupt
interface case. A non-trivial power dependence of the thermal resistance versus the interface thickness
emerges from the interplay of alloy and mismatch scattering mechanisms.We show that the overall behavior
of such graded interfaces is very similar to that of a thin film of an effective alloy on the length scales
relevant to real interfaces.

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