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D. Murphy, F. Liao, P. Slovak, L. Holle, D. Jackson, O. Patrick:
"An evaluation of the effectiveness and acceptability of a new technology system to support psychotherapy helping skills training";
Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 0 (2019), 12 pages.

English abstract:
Training counselling and psychotherapy skills using new technology is a relatively
unresearched area of study. The findings from a pilot evaluation of the effective‐
ness and acceptability of a new technology, mPath, using a mixed method design are
reported. The study found that progressive integration of the new mPath technol‐
ogy into learning helping skills had the best results on developing competency, as
assessed by the Person‐Centred Experiential Psychotherapy Scale Training Version.
Qualitative interviews showed the technology was acceptable to users. Further re‐
search is needed in this emerging field of deliberate practice.

counselling and psychotherapy, deliberate practice, helping skills, mPath, new technology

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