X. Chen, J. Carrete, S. Sullivan, A. van Roekeghem, Z. Li, X. Li, J. Zhou, N. Mingo, L. Shi:
"Coupling of Spinons with Defects and Phonons in the Spin Chain Compound Ca2CuO3";
Physical Review Letters, 122 (2019), 185901.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Extrinsic spinon scattering by defects and phonons instead of intrinsic spinon-spinon coupling is
responsible for resistive magnetic heat transport in one-dimensional (1D) quantum magnets. Here we report
an investigation of the elusive extrinsic effect in the 1D Heisenberg S ¼ 1=2 spin chain compound Ca2CuO3,
where the defect concentration is determined from the measured specific heat and first-principles calculations
are used to separate the lattice component of the measured thermal conductivity to isolate a large magnetic
contribution (κm). The obtained temperature-dependent spinon-defect and spinon-phonon mean free paths
can enable a quantitative understanding of both κm and the spinon-induced spin Seebeck effect.

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