Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

J. M. Y. Straub:
"Erweiterung von Modellen für Herzratenvariabilität über das autonome Nervensystem hinaus";
Supervisor: F. Breitenecker, M. Bachler; Institut für Analysis und Scientific Computing, 2019; final examination: 2019-01-18.

English abstract:
According to the World Health Organisation, diseases of the cardiovascular system (CVS) are currently the main cause of death in high-, middle-, and low-income countries. Therefore, their understanding, prediction, and prevention with the help of non-invasive, cost e ective, and quick methods is of great interest.
Analysis of the heart rate and its change over time can give valuable insight into the health status of a patient, and is easily derived from electrocardiogram data.

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