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P. Fikar, F. Güldenpfennig, R. Ganhör:
"Mobility in Children's Therapy - Tangible Interaction Design for Children with Visual Impairments";
Talk: C&T'19, The International Workshop on Mobility Transformation at C&T 2019, June 04, 2019, Vienna, Austria, Wien; 2019-06-03 - 2019-06-07; in: "Unbekannt: Veröffentlichung geplant durch EUSSET Online library siehe Memo", EUSSET Digital Library, (2019), 5 pages.

English abstract:
Designing technology for developmental support of children with impairments is a complex endeavordealing with challenges ranging from medical diagnoses, to therapeutic exercises, to psychologicalfactors of play. Mobility poses a determining variable in design solutions impacting how sustainablethey are performing in daily practice. Mobility challenges pervade therapeutic efforts in a vast varietyof ways and manifest throughout different layers of intervention. Logistical needs of the therapistsare as important as the bodily interaction needs of the children. In this work, we add to the discussionof mobility related design issues, comparing two design proposals which resulted from a projectconcerned with (co-)designing digital toys for developmental intervention for children with CerebralVisual Impairment.

Human Centered Computing, Mobility, Visual Impairment, Disability, Children, Tangible Computing

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