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T. Li, F. Hlawatsch, P. Djuric:
"Cardinality-consensus-based PHD filtering for distributed multitarget tracking";
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 26 (2019), 1; 49 - 53.

English abstract:
We present a distributed probability hypothesis density (PHD) filter for multitarget tracking in decentralized sensor networks with severely constrained communication. The proposed "cardinality consensus" (CC) scheme uses communication only to estimate the number of targets (or, the cardinality of the target set) in a distributed way. The CC scheme allows for different implementations-e.g., using Gaussian mixtures or particles-of the local PHD filters. Although the CC scheme requires only a small amount of communication and of fusion computation, our simulation results demonstrate large performance gains compared with noncooperative local PHD filters.

Distributed multitarget tracking, cardinality con-sensus, probability hypothesis density filter, PHD filter

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