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L. Kathrein, A. Lüder, K. Meixner, D. Winkler, S. Biffl:
"Product/ion-Aware Modeling Approaches that Support Tracing Design Decisions";
Talk: 17th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2019), Helsinki, Finland; 2019-07-22 - 2019-07-25; in: "Proceedings of INDIN 2019", IEEE, (2019).

English abstract:
In collaborative Production Systems Engineering
(PSE), decisions of detail engineers depend on results of previous
design decisions regarding Product, Process, and Resource (PPR),
coming from other basic or detail engineering disciplines. However, the engineering results exchanged between disciplines often
represent the production system view only. PPR design decisions
are important to facilitate the product/ion-aware exploration of
the system design space, but are hard to express and trace in
modeling approaches with only limited support for PPR. In this
paper, we report on a survey of modeling approaches, which
combine process and product modeling. We investigate the PPR
modeling capabilities for product/ion-aware systems design and
for tracing design decisions in the engineering process. Major
finding is that most of the investigated modeling approaches fulfill
general requirements well, but address requirements regarding
tracing PPR design decisions at most partially. As an exception,
the Formal Process Description (FPD) provides good capabilities
for PPR modeling and provides the foundations for tracing design
decisions between basic to detail engineering.

Product-Process-Resource (PPR), Survey, Capability Analysis, Tracing Design Decisions

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