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S. Biffl, A. Lüder, F. Rinker, L. Waltersdorfer, D. Winkler:
"Quality Risks in the Data Exchange Process for Collaborative CPPS Engineering";
Talk: 17th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2019), Helsinki, Finland; 2019-07-22 - 2019-07-25; in: "Proceedings of INDIN 2019", IEEE, (2019).

English abstract:
The realization of a cyber-physical production system (CPPS) requires suitable methods and tools for the exchange and integration of engineering data between collaborating
disciplines. Unfortunately, the description languages used in a
CPPS Engineering (CPPSE) organization to describe disciplinespecific views are not necessarily well suited for high-quality
data exchange between workgroups. In this paper, we identify
technical debt and risks regarding CPPSE description languages
for data exchange using the VDI 3695 guideline as best practice.
We report on effects and likely causes of the quality risks
identified in a case study at a large CPPSE company. Based
on data from workshops and semi-structured interviews with 28
domain experts from 12 workgroups, we propose a preliminary
model relating causes and effects as foundation for analyzing and
managing risks in the CPPSE data exchange process.

cyber-physical production system, production systems engineering, multidisciplinary engineering, data exchange, data integration, technical debt in data

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