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D. Winkler, F. Rinker, P. Kieseberg:
"Towards a Flexible and Secure Round-Trip-Engineering Process for Production Systems Engineering with Agile Practices";
Talk: Software Quality Days 2019, Wien; 2019-01-15 - 2019-01-18; in: "Software Quality: The Complexity and Challenges of Software Engineering and Software Quality in the Cloud", Springer, (2019), ISBN: 978-3-030-05766-4; 14 - 30.

English abstract:
In Production Systems Engineering (PSE), many projects conceptually
follow the plan of traditional waterfall processes with sequential process steps
and limited security activities, while engineers actually work in parallel and distributed groups following a Round-Trip-Engineering (RTE) process. Unfortunately, the applied RTE process in PSE is coarse-grained, i.e., often data are exchanged via E-Mail and integrated seldom and inefficiently as the RTE process
is not well supported by methods and tools that facilitate efficient and secure data
exchange. Thus, there is a need for frequent synchronization in a secure way to
enable engineers building on a stable and baseline of engineering data. We build
on Scrum, as an established agile engineering process, and security best practices
to support flexible and secure RTE processes. In this paper, we introduce and
initially evaluate an efficient and secure RTE process for PSE, augmented with
agile practices, and discuss the identification and mitigation of security concerns
and risks. First results show that the augmented RTE process can provide strong
benefits from agile practices for the collaboration of engineers in PSE environments. Security practices can be added but need to be balanced well regarding
sufficient mitigation of security risks and extra effort for engineers to ensure an
overall benefit to both engineers and the management.

Production Systems Engineering, Agile Practices, Round-Trip Engineering, Security.

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