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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Towards responsible CS: Expanding HCI concerns & impact";
Talk: TC13 Open Symposium on HCI, Paragon House, Boston Manor Rd, Brentford TW8 9GA, UK (invited); 2019-03-29.

English abstract:
As HCI researchers we like to think of ourselves as champions of the human in the H-C-I relation. However while many of us would have always argued that technologies can have significant social impacts, we're now seeing impacts like the hijacking of democratic processes and the like that are beyond what we might ever have imagined and the societal consequences are now increasingly being debated in public media, government inquiries and the like. As Moshe Vardi observed in a recent conversation for a Changing Academic Life podcast, "Suddenly we [computer scientists] are running society and we are poorly equipped." HCI can play a key role in thinking about how we champion the human and humane society in this new age of computing. In this talk I'd like to start exploring what we need to do to better equip not just HCI but CS more generally to engage with these critical societal-technology challenges.

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