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G. Fitzpatrick:
"«FemTech» and Women´s Health - Putting it to work";
Talk: Frauenheilkunde im digitalen Zeitalter, Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Blumenrain 8, 4051 Basel (invited); 2019-12-12.

English abstract:
Digital tools and services are increasingly part of all aspects of healthcare. Women´s health is no exception. `Femtech´, as it is loosely termed, is becoming a multi-million dollar industry, as well as the focus of a growing body of medical informatics, health, and technology-design research. I will present an overview of different types of tools and services now available in support of women´s health, from menstrual tracking and fertility, to pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby care, to menopause, to more general issues of continence, weight and so on. While research points to various benefits, it also highlights challenges for both women and clinicians around using these technologies. These indicate that, while it is `easy' to build a technology, designing a good technology that fits well into the every day lives of women and can be easily integrated into clinical practice is another matter. I will review some of these challenges and argue for the importance of approaching Femtech not just as a technology matter but as a socio-technical matter, respecting the values and concerns of all stakeholders and understanding the role of technology in practice.

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