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L. Marelli, G. Marchiori, Pl. Bettini, R. Cavazzana, B. Kapidani, L. Grando, N. Marconato, R. Specogna, D. Voltolina:
"Optimization of RFX-mod2 gap configuration by estimating the magnetic error fields due to the passive structure currents";
Fusion Engineering and Design, 146 (2019), Part A; 680 - 683.

English abstract:
A major refurbishment of the toroidal complex of the RFX-mod device is in progress and will include the removal of the Inconel vacuum vessel and a modification of the stainless steel supporting structure to be made vacuum tight. The plasma facing graphite tiles will be mounted onto the inner surface of the copper shell so as to increase the plasma proximity factor. New operation regimes are expected to provide a significant reduction of the amplitude of RFP tearing modes with magnetic chaos mitigation and confinement improvement.

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