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P. Kaur, G.K.H. Madsen, C. Bera:
"Thermoelectric figure of merit and thermal conductivity of type-I clathrate alloy nanowires";
MRS Communications, 9 (2019), 370 - 374.

English abstract:
Clathrates based on Si and Ge have very low lattice thermal conductivity (∼1 W/m-K). This value can potentially be further reduced by alloyingand nano-structuring. In this work, the thermal conductivity of Si and Ge clathrates alloy have been investigated using model based on therelaxation time approximation. By including alloy scattering, wefind that the lattice thermal conductivity of Ba8Cu6Si40is reduced by 50% from1.64 to 0.80 W/m-K in Ba8Cu6Si40(1−x)Ge40xalloy. Further∼90% reduction of the thermal conductivity is possible for nanowire clathratealloys. The ultra-low thermal conductivity in the nanowire will be very suitable for the thermoelectric application.

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