M. Honic, I. Kovacic, G. Sibenik, H. Rechberger:
"Data- and stakeholder management framework for the implementation of BIM-based Material Passports";
Journal of Building Engineering (eingeladen), 23 (2019), S. 341 - 350.

Kurzfassung englisch:
European Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry consumes a significant amount of materials like steel, aluminum, copper and plastics, thus creating a large reservoir on secondary raw materials in buildings. One of the main strategies to minimize environmental impacts and the energy consumption is maximizing
recycling rates. To enable circularity, and in consequence high recycling rates, material information about the existing building stock is necessary. Therefore, new design-centric tools and methods, as well as tools, which enable a compilation of data repositories on the material composition of buildings, are required. The first
aim of this research is the generation of a Building Information Modelling (BIM) - supported Material Passport (MP), which enables an assessment of the recycling potential and environmental impacts of building materials.
For the compilation of the semi-automated MP, a specific methodology was developed and tested on a use case.
Thereby various challenges regarding data and stakeholders were faced, such as inconsistent data and lack of collaboration between various stakeholders. These challenges lead to the second focus of this paper - the development of a data- and stakeholder management framework. The data- and stakeholder management framework presents the required collaboration of various stakeholders in order to achieve a successful implementation of the MP in the AEC industry. Results show, that a semi-automated compilation of the BIM-based MP is possible and the implementation of the MP in the AEC industry requires close collaboration of a broad spectrum of stakeholders, thus forming a need for creating digital platforms for life cycle management of buildings and material resources.

Material Passport; Building Information Modelling; Data- and stakeholder management; Resources efficiency; Recycling

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