Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

M. Wagner, M. Habiger et al.:
"Workshop: Scaling Towards Sustainable Mobility";
Talk: OpenLivingLab Days, Thessaloniki, Griechenland; 2019-09-03 - 2019-09-05; in: "Proceedings of theOpenLivingLab DaysConference", (2019).

English abstract:
Working on different urban and regional scales and targeting various stakeholders requires the laboratories to offer a wide range of co-creative methods. With this workshop we want to show how challenges in mobility can be dealt with creatively and playfully on the diverse spatial levels.

The workshop allows an important knowledge transfer not only for the participants, but also for the representatives of the Mobility Labs as they will integrate the results into further development. Additionally the laboratories get the opportunity to show their work and what they have achieved to a broad international audience allowing them to extend their (knowledge) network beyond the national scale.

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