Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Islam, R. Cleaveland, F. Fenton, R. Grosu, P. Jones, S. Smolka:
"Probabilistic reachability for multi-parameter bifurcation analysis of cardiac alternans";
Theoretical Computer Science, . (2019), 765; 158 - 169.

English abstract:
Using a probabilistic reachability-based approach, we present a multi-parameter bifurcation analysis of electrical alternans in the two-current Mitchell-Schaeffer (MS) cardiac-cell model. Electrical alternans is a phenomenon characterized by a variation in successive Action Potential Durations generated by a cardiac cell or tissue. Alternans are known to initiate re-entrant waves and are an important physiological indicator of an impending life-threatening arrhythmia such as ventricular fibrillation. The multi-parameter bifurcation analysis we perform identifies a bifurcation hypersurface in the MS model parameter space, such that a small perturbation to this region results in a transition from highly likely alternans to highly likely non-alternans behavior.

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