Contributions to Proceedings:

C. Ampatzidou, K. Gugerell, J. Diephuis, O. Devisch, T. Constantinescu, M. Jauschneg, M. Berger:
"The mechanics of playful participatory processes";
in: "Design, Social Media and Technology to foster Civic Self-Organisation", University Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium, 2015, 185 - 196.

English abstract:
With the increasing interest of local governments incivic participation,it becomes important to address inherent asymmetries in existing public participation processes, such as inclusion, time availability and long-term commitment, and knowledge and power differentials. Game-based participation has the potential to enhance public participation processes and lead to civic learning. At the same time, games tend to reproduce and even reinforce existing assumptions about stakeholder roles, procedures and political agency and social dynamics. We argue that urban planners will be able to improve the coherence and overall experience of participatory processes by thinking in terms ofseparategame mechanics, which when used in balance,create a successful player/participant experience. In doing so, some of the asymmetries observed in the existing participatory framework can be addressed. The potentials and challenges of game elements´ applications are discussed in the framework of three case studies in the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium.

game mechanics; participatory planning; living labs

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