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W. Dvorak, A. Rapberger, J. P. Wallner, S. Woltran:
"ASPARTIX-V19 - An Answer-set Programming based System for Abstract Argumentation";
Talk: International Symposium on Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems (FoIKS), Dortmund; 2020-02-17 - 2020-02-20; in: "Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems", A. Herzig, J. Kontinen (ed.); Springer, 12012 (2020), 79 - 89.

English abstract:
We present ASPARTIX-V, a tool for reasoning in abstract argumentation frameworks that is based on answer-set programming (ASP), in its 2019 release. ASPARTIX-V participated in this year's edition of the International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation (ICCMA'19) in all classical (static) reasoning tasks. In this paper we discuss extensions the ASPARTIX suite of systems has undergone for ICCMA'19. This includes incorporation of recent ASP language constructs (e.g., conditional literals), domain heuristics within ASP, and multi-shot methods. In particular, with this version of ASPARTIX-V we partially deviate from an earlier focus on monolithic approaches (i.e., one-shot solving via a single ASP encoding) to further enhance performance.

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