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L. Lingitz, V. Gallina, C. Kardos, W. Sihn et al.:
"Balancing non-bottleneck stations using simple assembly line balancing models";
Elsevier ScienceDirect IFAC-PapersOnLine, 52 (2019), 13; 1432 - 1437.

English abstract:
One of the most important objectives in assembly line balancing is to evenly distribute the workload of the stations. In the literature different measures were developed for evaluating the balance quality of an assignment. However, because of the complexity of the defined indices they are rarely studied with exact methods of assembly line balancing. In this paper a new balancing index is proposed by the authors and a new balancing algorithm with exact methods is introduced and illustrated by means of a case study.

Simple assembly line balancing problem (SALBP) MILP CP workload balancing

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