S. Bayer-Skoff, D. Papencordt, H. Schauffert, B. C. Bayer, A. Rauschenbeutel:
"Optical-nanofiber-based interface for single molecules";
Physical Review A, 97 (2018), 043839.

Kurzfassung deutsch:
Optical interfaces for quantum emitters are a prerequisite for implementing quantum networks. Here, we couple single molecules to the guided modes of an optical nanofiber. The molecules are embedded within a crystal that provides photostability and, due to the inhomogeneous broadening, a means to spectrally address single molecules. Single molecules are excited and detected solely via the nanofiber interface without the requirement of additional optical access. In this way, we realize a fully fiber-integrated system that is scalable and may become a versatile constituent for quantum hybrid systems.

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