R. Kaindl, G. Jakopic, R. Resel, J. Pichler, A. Fian, E. Fisslthaler, W. Grogger, B. C. Bayer, R. Fischer, W. Waldhauser:
"Synthesis of Graphene-layer Nanosheet Coatings by PECVD";
Materials Today Proceedings, 2 (2015), 8; S. 4247 - 4255.

Kurzfassung deutsch:
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is a potentially industrially scalable route for graphene synthesis. Thin carbon coatings were deposited by PECVD from C2H2 and post-deposition irradiated by Ar+. Irradiation with 400 eV accelerated Ar+, deposition temperatures of 400 °C and post deposition annealing up to 800 °C result in crystal growth and graphitization, i.e. increased fraction of C-C sp2 bonding. The same effect is achieved by deposition on copper and nickel foils, and interestingly on NaCl. For irradiated samples a two-layer graphene-layer nanosheet morphology is indicated from our characterization, with a variation of film properties across the film thickness.

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