S. Caneva, R. Weatherup, B. C. Bayer, B. Brennan, S. Spencer, K. Mingard, A. Cabrero-Vilatela, C. Baehtz, A. Pollard, S. Hofmann:
"Nucleation Control for Large, Single Crystalline Domains of Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride via Si-Doped Fe Catalysts";
Nano Letters, 15 (2015), 3; S. 1867 - 1875.

Kurzfassung deutsch:
The scalable chemical vapor deposition of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) single crystals, with lateral dimensions of ∼0.3 mm, and of continuous h-BN monolayer films with large domain sizes (>25 μm) is demonstrated via an admixture of Si to Fe catalyst films. A simple thin-film Fe/SiO2/Si catalyst system is used to show that controlled Si diffusion into the Fe catalyst allows exclusive nucleation of monolayer h-BN with very low nucleation densities upon exposure to undiluted borazine. Our systematic in situ and ex situ characterization of this catalyst system establishes a basis for further rational catalyst design for compound 2D materials.

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