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S. Tuli, S. Tuli, G. Wander, P. Wander, S. Gill, S. Dustdar, R. Sakellariou, O. Rana:
"Next generation technologies for smart healthcare: challenges, vision, model, trends and future directions";
Internet Technology Letters, Volume 3 (2020), Issue 2, e145; 1 - 6.

English abstract:
Modern industry employs technologies for automation that may include Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and/or Fog Computing, 5G as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), or Blockchain. Currently, a part of research for the new industrial era is in the direction of improving healthcare services. This work throws light on some of the major challenges in providing affordable, efficient, secure and reliable healthcare from the viewpoint of computer and medical sciences. We describe a vision of how a holistic model can fulfill the growing demands of healthcare industry, and explain a conceptual model that can provide a complete solution for these increasing demands. In our model, we elucidate the components and their interaction at different levels, leveraging state‐of‐the art technologies in IoT, Fog computing, AI, ML and Blockchain. We finally describe current trends in this field and propose future directions to explore emerging paradigms and technologies on evolution of healthcare leveraging next generation computing systems.

artificial intelligence, Blockchain, cloud computing, fog computing, healthcare, internet of things, machine learning

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