R. Schroedter, M. Roth, K. Janschek, T. Sandner:
"Flatness-based open-loop and closed-loop control for electrostatic quasi-static microscanners using jerk-limited trajectory design";
Mechatronics, 56 (2018), 16 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper describes the open-loop and closed-loop control for quasi-static microscanners exploiting the inherent flatness property. The developed nonlinear control method is verified on a gimbaled quasi-static/resonant scanning micro mirror with electrostatic staggered vertical comb (SVC) drive actuation. Based on a mechatronic micro mirror model, we present a flatness-based feed forward control method using jerk-limited trajectories to reduce undesired oscillations. For the closed-loop control we introduce a stabilizing linearizing feedback including an extended Luenberger observer for improvement of the command tracking in presence of model inaccuracies. The experimental results for both scenarios, open-loop and closed-loop control, are compared with simulations and further assessed in terms of performance and feasibility for industrial application.

MEMS, Quasi-static/resonant microscanner, Electrostatic staggered vertical comb, Jerk-limited triangle trajectory, Flatness-based open-loop and closed-loop control, Global extended Luenberger observer

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