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M. Dittenbach, B. Pflugfelder, A. Pesenhofer, G. Roda, H. Berger:
"SOIRE: a service-oriented IR evaluation architecture";
in: "CIKM '09: Proceedings of the 18th ACM conference on Information and knowledge management", ACM, 2009, S. 2101 - 2102.

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We have developed a system that offers comprehensive analysis functionality for information retrieval experiments combined with a storage facility for persisting experiment data in a uniform fashion to facilitate repeatability and comparability of experiments. Our Service-Oriented IR Evaluation Framework - SOIRE offers a number of technological interfaces based on open networking standards and modeling languages to connect to other systems while regarding ease-of-use for researchers as the feature of utmost importance.

Information systems, Information Retrieval, Evaluation of retrieval results

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