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J. Tait, M. Lupu, H. Berger, G. Roda, M. Dittenbach, A. Pesenhofer, E. Graf, K. van Rijsbergen:
"Patent Search: An important new test bed for IR";
in: "Proceedings of the 9th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop", CTIT Workshop Proceedings WP 09-01, Enschede, University of Twente, Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, 2009, S. 56 - 63.

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The patent system is a major pillar of intellectual property management. In an economic environment that is becoming increasingly knowledge-based, the importance of patents is steadily rising. Processes such as drafting, examining and defending patents depend critically on effective search spanning both the world-wide body of patents and non-patent literature. This paper provides an overview of recent work at the Information Retrieval Facility (IRF) and Matrixware within this domain and is a call to IR researchers and professionals to engage with the challenges of patent search. To provide these grounds, we describe why patent search is an important challenge, why we believe it to become a major focus of IR research in the next few years, and what actions we take to create a new test bed for experimentation.

Cross Language Information Retrieval, Information Retrieval, Patent Search, Intellectual Property, IP Management

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