F. Cigarini, E. Csencsics, J. Schlarp, S. Ito, G. Schitter:
"Multiphysics Finite Element Model for the Computation of the Electro-mechanical Dynamics of a Hybrid Reluctance Actuator";
Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems, (2020).

Kurzfassung englisch:
In hybrid reluctance actuators, the achievable closed-loop system bandwidth is affected by the electromagnetic dynamics due to the the eddy currents and hysteresis in the ferromagnetic yoke and mover, as well as by the higher structural modes of the system. Such effects must be accurately predicted in the phase of system design to ensure high performance via feedback control. For this purpose, this paper proposes a multiphysics finite element model, which combines electromagnetic and mechanical simulations to compute the electro-mechanical frequency response function of a 2-DoF hybrid reluctance actuator under monoaxial excitation. An electromagnetic transient simulation is employed at various frequencies to compute the the electromagnetic dynamics and the torque acting on the mover of the actuator. The torque is then employed as input for a structural dynamic simulation, which yields the electro-mechanical frequency response function. For model validation, the simulated and the measured frequency response plots are compared for two different actuators, one featuring a solid, the other a laminated outer yoke. In both cases, the simulation model accurately predicts the measurement results, with a maximum relative phase error of app. 1.7% in the frequency range between the first resonance mode (app. 100 Hz) and 1 kHz and a relative frequency error of app. 1.5% for the first structural mode.

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