Scientific Reports:

S. Hunold, B. Przybylski:
"Scheduling.jl - Collaborative and Reproducible Scheduling Research with Julia";
Report for CoRR - Computing Research Repository; Report No. arXiv:2003.05217, 2020; 5 pages.

English abstract:
We introduce the Scheduling.jl Julia package, which is intended for collaboratively conducting scheduling research and for sharing implementations of algorithms. It provides the fundamental building blocks for implementing scheduling algorithms following the three-field notation of Graham et al., i.e., it has functionality to describe machine environments, job characteristics, and optimality criteria. Our goal is to foster algorithm and code sharing in the scheduling community. Scheduling.jl can also be used to support teaching scheduling theory in classes. We will show the main functionalities of Scheduling.jl and give an example on how to use it by comparing different algorithms for the problem of P||Cmax .

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