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M. Prandtstetter, B. Biesinger, B. Hu, P. Nolz, M. Reinthaler, J. Zajicek, A. Angelini, G. Hauger et al.:
"On the Potentials and Dilemmas of Cooperative/White-Label Deliveries based on Selected Austrian Demonstration Cases";
Talk: 6th International Physical Internet Conference IPIC 2019, London; 2019-07-09 - 2019-07-11; in: "Proceedings of the 6th International Physical Internet Conference IPIC 2019", London (2019), 1 - 7.

English abstract:
One of the main pillars of the Physical Internet (PI) is cooperation. One possible form of cooperation in freight transportation is bundling. As soon as bundling is in focus, we have to think about locations where this bundling might take place, which are, normally, hubs. So, the main idea would be that different freight carriers meet at a specific hub and exchange their freight according to some (clever) planning such that redundancies in trips are overcome. E.g., instead of two carriers serving regions A and B, they cooperate such that the first carrier only has to serve region A and the other one only has to serve area B. Even though the general idea is quite clear, details are sometimes more complicated. In this paper, potentials and dilemmas related to cooperative delivery models based on the observations made in selected Austrian case studies are outlined.

white-label deliveries, cooperation, hub, parcel distribution, parcel lockers

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