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W. Dvorak, J. P. Wallner:
"Computing Strongly Admissible Sets";
Talk: COMMA - International Conference on Computational Models of Argument, online; 2020-09-08 - 2020-09-11; in: "Proceedings COMMA", H. Prakken, S. Bistarelli, F. Santini, C. Taticchi (ed.); IOs Press, 2326 (2020), ISBN: 978-1-64368-107-8; 179 - 190.

English abstract:
In this work we revisit computational aspects of strongly admissible semantics in Dung´s abstract argumentation frameworks. First, we complement the existing complexity analysis by focusing on the problem of computing strongly admissible sets of minimum size that contain a given argument and providing NP-hardness as well as hardness of approximation results. Based on these results, we then investigate two approaches to compute (minimum-sized) strongly admissible sets based on Answer Set Programming (ASP) and Integer Linear Programming (ILP), and provide an experimental comparison of their performance.

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