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F. Windhager, S. Salisu, R. Leite, V. Filipov, S. Miksch, G. Schreder, E. Mayr:
"Many Views Are Not Enough: Designing for Synoptic Insights in Cultural Collections";
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 40 (2020), 3; 58 - 71.

English abstract:
Cultural object collections attract and delight spectators since ancient times. Yet, they also easily overwhelm visitors due to their perceptual richness and associated information. Similarly, digitized collections appear as complex, multifaceted phenomena, which can be challenging to grasp and navigate. Though visualizations can create various types of collection overviews for that matter, they do not easily assemble into a "big picture" or lead to an integrated understanding. We introduce coherence techniques to maximize connections between multiple views and apply them to the prototype PolyCube system of collection visualization: with map, set, and network visualizations it makes spatial, categorical, and relational collection aspects visible. For the essential temporal dimension, it offers four different views: superimposition, animation, juxtaposition, and space-time cube representations. A user study confirmed that better integrated visualizations support synoptic, cross-dimensional insights. An outlook is dedicated to the system's applicability within other arts and humanities data domains.

Cultural differences , Data visualization , Cognitive science , Visualization , Motion pictures , Art

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