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C. Avasalcai, I. Murturi, S. Dustdar:
"Edge and Fog: A Survey, Use Cases, and Future Challenges";
in: "Fog Computing: Theory and Practice", A. Abbas, S. Khan, A. Zomaya (ed.); John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2020, ISBN: 9781119551690, 43 - 65.

English abstract:
With the success of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the widespread availability of mobile devices, the traditional centralized cloud computing is facing severe network challenges (e.g. high latency, bandwidth cost). These challenges prove that the current approach is insufficient to meet the rigorous requirements of IoT applications. Besides the network bottlenecks, which introduce high latency and low response time, other stringent requirements refer to better privacy and more computational capability closer to the edge of the network. Motivated by the fundamental concerns for the future of the IoT, new technologies are driving a trend of distributing the cloud computational resources to the edge of the network. Edge and fog computing are considered the key enabling paradigms for scenarios where centralized cloud‐based solutions are not suitable. Several edge computing technologies like edge, cloudlets, mobile edge computing, and fog paradigms, originating from different backgrounds, have been emerging to overcome these challenges. However, since all of these paradigms have almost the same purpose, there is a need for standardization to clearly define their specific role and properties. In this chapter, we propose a classification of IoT devices based on their individual characteristics and use cases. Furthermore, in the last part of our chapter, we discuss future challenges regarding resource management, security and privacy, and network management.

edge computing, edge illustrative use cases, fog computing, fog illustrative use cases, Internet of Things

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