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S. Murzin, G. Liedl, R. Bielak, A. Melnikov:
"Conditions improving of laser heating for forming of materials with a ferritic-martensitic structure";
in: "Journal of Physics: Conference Series", 1368; herausgegeben von: IOPScience; IOP Publishing, 2019.

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High-strength dual phase ferritic-martensitic steels with a controlled amount of martensite have the most favorable combination of durability and plasticity compared to other low-alloy steels. The possibility of conditions improving of laser heating for forming sheet materials with a ferritic-martensitic structure has been determined. It is shown that the redistribution of the power density of the heat source allows this process to be performed without a significant local decrease in the profile thickness. A diffusion-cooled and high- frequency excited CO2 laser ROFIN DC 010 with a maximum output power of 1000 W was used as the laser source. To redistribute the laser power density, a diffractive optical element (DOE) was used. The region of plastic deformation is characterized by a local decrease the thickness profile, while microcracks and a discontinuity of the metal weren´t observed.

Laser processing, hardening

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