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F. Groh, D. Schörkhuber, M. Gelautz:
"A Tool for Semi-Automatic Ground Truth Annotation of Traffic Videos";
Talk: IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging - Autonomous Vehicles and Machines 2020, Burlingame, USA; 2020-01-26 - 2020-01-30; in: "IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging", (2020), 200-1 - 200-7.

English abstract:
We have developed a semi-automatic annotation tool - "CVL Annotator" - for bounding box ground truth generation in videos. Our research is particularly motivated by the need for reference annotations of challenging nighttime traffic scenes with highly dynamic lighting conditions due to reflections, headlights and halos from oncoming traffic. Our tool incorporates a suite of different state-of-the-art tracking algorithms in order to minimize the amount of human input necessary to generate high-quality ground truth data. We focus our user interface on the premise of minimizing user interaction and visualizing all information relevant to the user at a glance. We perform a preliminary user study to measure the amount of time and clicks necessary to produce ground truth annotations of video traffic scenes and evaluate the accuracy of the final annotation results.

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