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A. Unger, M. Gelautz, F. Seitner, M. Hödlmoser:
"A Study on Training Data Selection for Object Detection in Nighttime Traffic Scenes";
Talk: IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging - Autonomous Vehicles and Machines 2020, Burlingame, USA; 2020-01-26 - 2020-01-30; in: "IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging", (2020), 203-1 - 203-6.

English abstract:
With the growing demand for robust object detection algorithms in self-driving systems, it is important to consider the varying lighting and weather conditions in which cars operate all year round. The goal of our work is to gain a deeper understanding of meaningful strategies for selecting and merging training data from currently available databases and self-annotated videos in the context of automotive night scenes. We retrain an existing Convolutional Neural Network (YOLOv3) to study the influence of different training dataset combinations on the final object detection results in nighttime and low-visibility traffic scenes. Our evaluation shows that a suitable selection of training data from the GTSRD, VIPER, and BDD databases in conjunction with selfrecorded night scenes can achieve an mAP of 63,5% for ten object classes, which is an improvement of 16,7% when compared to the performance of the original YOLOv3 network on the same test set.

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