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W. Liu, S. Schwarz, M. Rupp, J. Tao, D. Chen et al.:
"Preamble-Based Channel Estimation for OQAM/FBMC Systems with Delay Diversity";
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 19 (2020), 11; 7169 - 7180.

English abstract:
Delay diversity (DD) is a low-complexity and flexible
transmit diversity technology for the coded offset quadrature
amplitude modulation based filter bank multicarrier (OQAM/
FBMC) system. However, the introduction of delay parameters
in DD-OQAM/FBMC systems leads to increased channel
frequency selectivity, which makes the channel estimation
problem more complicated. In this paper, we analyze
and develop preamble-based channel estimation methods in
DD-OQAM/FBMC systems from the perspective of frequencydomain,
transform-domain, and time-domain aspects. Besides,
channel estimators that can obtain the minimum channel estimation
mean square error under least squares (LS) and linear minimum
mean square error (LMMSE) criteria are derived according
to different levels of channel knowledge. Specifically, the proposed
frequency-domain method estimates each channel frequency
response individually based on a simplified frequency-domain
channel model. The transform-domain method first estimates
the equivalent single-input-single-output channel observed at the
receiver assuming subchannel flatness, and then uses a window
function in the time domain to separate the channels of different
transmit antennas. The time-domain method is constructed based
on an accurate time-domain channel model to directly estimate
the channel impulse response without making any assumption
about the subchannel flatness. A series of simulation experiments
is conducted to verify the effectivity of these channel estimation
methods for DD-OQAM/FBMC systems.

OQAM/FBMC, delay diversity, preamble, channel estimation

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