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D. Andriot, D. Tsimpis:
"Gravitational waves in warped compactifications";
Journal Of High Energy Physics, 06 (2020), 100.

English abstract:
We study gravitational waves propagating on a warped Minkowski space-time with D-4 compact extra dimensions. While Kaluza-Klein scales are typically too high for any current detection, we analyse how the warp factor changes the Kaluza-Klein spectrum of gravitational waves. To that end we provide a complete and explicit expression for the warp factor, as well as the Greenīs function, on a d-dimensional torus. This expression differs from that of braneworld models and should find further uses in string compactifications. We then evaluate the Kaluza-Klein spectrum of gravitational waves. Our preliminary numerical results indicate not only a deviation from the standard toroidal spectrum, but also that the first masses get lowered due to the warp factor.

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