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S. Nastic, A. Morichetta, T. Pusztai, S. Dustdar, X. Ding, D. Vij, Y. Xiong:
"SLOC: Service Level Objectives for Next Generation Cloud Computing";
IEEE Internet Computing, Volume 24 (2020), Issue 3; 39 - 50.

English abstract:
Since the emergence of cloud computing service level objectives (SLOs) and service level agreements (SLAs) have put themselves forward as one of the key enablers for cloud's on-demand, pay-as-you-go service consumption model. To date, the vast majority of cloud platforms provide support for SLAs only in terms of statically predefined SLOs, e.g., service availability, and low-level resource capacity guarantees, e.g., CPU usage. Unfortunately, there is only limited support to clearly map workload performance requirements to the resource capacity guarantees. In this article, we introduce SLOC- a novel elasticity framework, which promotes a novel performance-driven, SLO-native approach to cloud computing. We outline the main research challenges, vision, and approach of our SLOC framework toward the SLO-native paradigm in next generation cloud computing.

Cloud computing, Service level agreements, Measurement, Resource management, Quality of service, Contracts

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