M. Pöchtrager, G. Styhler-Aydin, G. Hochreiner, T. Özkan, M. Döring-Williams, N. Pfeifer:
"Bridging the gap. Digital models of historic roof structures for enhanced interdisciplinary research";
SCIentific RESearch and Information Technology, 10 (2020), 1; S. 31 - 42.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The paper describes a project to generate digital 3D geometric and structural models of historic roof structures made of timber in a highly automated way directly out of 3D laser scan data. Within an interdisciplinary workflow, the new approach provides digital data of the timber structures in formats which can be used easily for the subsequent architectural analysis and structural assessment. Compared to conventional methods, the project aims to replace labour intensive manual work of 3D documentation and modelling of historic roof structures by a time-saving digital workflow enabling straight exchange of data and results between surveyors, architects and structural engineers.

Integrating architectural and structural modelling, 3D-scan data processing and modelling, Historic Timber Structures, Heritage documentation, Digital reconstruction

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