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S. Deng, H. Zhao, W. Fang, J. Yin, S. Dustdar, A. Zomaya:
"Edge Intelligence: The Confluence of Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence";
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Volume 7 (2020), Issue 8; 7457 - 7469.

English abstract:
Along with the rapid developments in communication technologies and the surge in the use of mobile devices, a brand-new computation paradigm, edge computing, is surging in popularity. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence (AI) applications are thriving with the breakthroughs in deep learning and the many improvements in hardware architectures. Billions of data bytes, generated at the network edge, put massive demands on data processing and structural optimization. Thus, there exists a strong demand to integrate edge computing and AI, which gives birth to edge intelligence. In this article, we divide edge intelligence into AI for edge (intelligence-enabled edge computing) and AI on edge (artificial intelligence on edge). The former focuses on providing more optimal solutions to key problems in edge computing with the help of popular and effective AI technologies while the latter studies how to carry out the entire process of building AI models, i.e., model training and inference, on the edge. This article provides insights into this new interdisciplinary field from a broader perspective. It discusses the core concepts and the research roadmap, which should provide the necessary background for potential future research initiatives in edge intelligence.

Computation offloading, edge computing, edge intelligence, Federated learning, wireless networking (WN)

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