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T. Rausch, A. Rashed, S. Dustdar:
"Optimized container scheduling for data-intensive serverless edge computing";
Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 114 (2021), 259 - 271.

English abstract:
Operating data-intensive applications on edge systems is challenging, due to the extreme workload and device heterogeneity, as well as the geographic dispersion of compute and storage infrastructure. Serverless computing has emerged as a compelling model to manage the complexity of such systems, by decoupling the underlying infrastructure and scaling mechanisms from applications. Although serverless platforms have reached a high level of maturity, we have found several limiting factors that inhibit their use in an edge setting. This paper presents a container scheduling system that enables such platforms to make efficient use of edge infrastructures. Our scheduler makes heuristic trade-offs between data and computation movement, and considers workload-specific compute requirements such as GPU acceleration. Furthermore, we present a method to automatically fine-tune the weights of scheduling constraints to optimize high-level operational objectives such as minimizing task execution time, uplink usage, or cloud execution cost. We implement a prototype that targets the container orchestration system Kubernetes, and deploy it on an edge testbed we have built. We evaluate our system with trace-driven simulations in different infrastructure scenarios, using traces generated from running representative workloads on our testbed. Our results show that (a) our scheduler significantly improves the quality of task placement compared to the state-of-the-art scheduler of Kubernetes, and (b) our method for fine-tuning scheduling parameters helps significantly in meeting operational goals.

Edge computing, Serverless, Container scheduling, Machine learning

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