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D. Andriot, P. Marconnet, T. Wrase:
"New de Sitter solutions of 10d type IIB supergravity";
Journal Of High Energy Physics, 08 (2020), 076.

English abstract:
We find and study 17 new de Sitter solutions of ten-dimensional (10d) type IIB supergravity with intersecting D5-branes and orientifold O5-planes, as well as a new Minkowski one. These solutions are obtained numerically on 6d group manifolds, the compactness of which is established for 4 of them. We show that all our de Sitter solutions are perturbatively unstable, using a restricted 4d effective theory of four scalar fields. We finally analyse whether our solutions can be promoted to classical string backgrounds. Several of them appear as good candidates, as they satisfy all requirements imposed so far.

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