Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Faustmann, J. Melenk, D. Praetorius:
"Quasi-optimal convergence rate for an adaptive method for the integral fractional Laplacian";
Mathematics of Computation, 90 (2021), 1557 - 1587.

English abstract:
For the discretization of the integral fractional Laplacian (-Laplace)^s, 0 < s < 1, based on piecewise linear functions, we present and analyze a reliable weighted residual a-posteriori error estimator. In order to compensate for a lack of L2-regularity of the
residual in the regime 3/4 < s < 1, this weighted residual error estimator includes as an additional weight a power of the distance from the mesh skeleton. We prove optimal convergence rates for an h-adaptive algorithm driven by this error estimator. Key to the
analysis of the adaptive algorithm are local inverse estimates for the fractional Laplacian.

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