D. Reif, E. Saracevic, M. Sabic Runjavec, J. Haslinger, H. Schaar, N. Kreuzinger:
"Desorption of Organic Micropollutants from Loaded Granular Activated Carbon";
Water, 12 (2020), 10/2754; S. 1 - 20.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The loading of granular activated carbon (GAC) is influenced by the amount of water treated and the concentrations of adsorbates present in the water matrix. Through extraction experiments, we aimed to investigate the total adsorbed mass of eight organic micropollutants by using ethanol as solvent and the maximum possible concentrations, due to the desorption of organic micropollutants, in water. Three different drying methods and the impact of the contact time, GAC particle size, and GAC/solvent ratio were investigated. Although no significant differences between the drying methods could be observed, the chosen contact time and particle size had a significant impact on the amount of organic micropollutants extracted. Lower GAC/solvent ratios positively affected the extraction yield. The masses extracted in ethanol were compared with the cumulated masses calculated from 72 feed and effluent samples, collected during filter operation, resulting in extraction yields between 0.5% and 30%. The composition of extracted micropollutants in ethanol reflected the concentrations in feed water of the pilot-scale filter. Desorption in water was mostly influenced by the solubility of the investigated micropollutants. The same substances found in the supernatants inf the experiments could also be identified in the backwash water of the filter.

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