S. Ito, M. Poik, E. Csencsics, J. Schlarp, G. Schitter:
"High-speed scanning chromatic confocal sensor for 3-D imaging with modeling-free learning control";
Applied Optics, 59 (2020), 29; S. 9234 - 9242.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents a scanning system that integrates a chromatic confocal displacement sensor for topography measurement of a surface. To take an advantage of its compactness and reliability, an off-the-shelf chromatic confocal displacement sensor is integrated. Instead of moving the sensor, a galvanometer scanner reflects the optical point to increase the scan speed, and fast and accurate scanning motion is realized by learning without a model. The resulting images are corrected based on a geometric model to compensate for image distortion.

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