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P. Frauenthaler, M. Sigwart, C. Spanring, S. Schulte:
"Leveraging Blockchain Relays for Cross-Chain Token Transfers";
Report for White Paper for PANTOS; 2020; 5 pages.

English abstract:
Blockchain relay schemes offer the ability to verify
transactions across blockchains in a decentralized manner. While
this enables blockchain interoperability applications like crossblockchain token transfers, relays can become expensive since
state-of-the-art relays require every single block header of the
source blockchain to be stored by the destination blockchain.
In this paper, we further reduce operating cost of our existing
blockchain relay solution by applying the content-addressable
storage pattern. Furthermore, we outline how relays can be
leveraged to enable blockchain interoperability applications such
as cross-blockchain token transfers. The devised protocol shows
that most requirements for cross-blockchain token transfers can
be fulfilled.

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